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The Creative Kill Chamber is a point-and-click adventure game with a mission to free yourself from  prison guards  by building creative strategies for fleeing. As the name implies, you’ll have to be creative with your tactics. You’ll have to devise quick solutions to all the (probably deadly) obstacles encountered along the way. Use anything you can find around you to create obstacles to your advantage.



Creative Kill Chamber


Creative Kill Chamber Controls

In the game, Creative Kill Chamber, you are placed in a room with a gun and must kill all the enemies in the room to advance. The controls are simple: use the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to shoot. However, there are some tricks that you need to know in order to survive. Firstly, you cannot shoot while you are moving; you must stop first. Secondly, if an enemy is too close to you, your shots will not hit them. Finally, pay attention to your surroundings; there are often objects in the room that can be used as cover.


Sound in the game

The sound in Creative Kill Chamber is very important because it can help you avoid traps or warn you when one is about to go off. For example, if you hear a beeping noise, it means that there is a trap nearby that you need to avoid. The sound can also help you figure out which buttons to press in order to open doors or make other machines work.

So, if you want to survive in Creative Kill Chamber, make sure you pay attention to the sound!

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