How To Fake Blocked Text Message?

The article will teach you how to create a fake blocked text message. If you’re in a relationship and want to make your partner think you’re really busy, this article is perfect for you! There are several ways to do this and this article will cover the two most popular methods.



Create a fake phone number

Many people have trouble with their phone service provider, or they just need to take a break from being contacted by certain people. Whether you’re looking to create a new number for yourself, or just need to block your current number, there are many free online generators that can help you create the perfect fake phone number for you.


Add the number: To your contacts, and then send a text to it

If you’re trying to trick a friend into thinking that you blocked your phone number, it is possible using a few tricks. One way is to add a contact with your phone number and then send off a text to that number. This will create the illusion that the text was sent from your phone but when they reply, they will get an error message that says “text messages are temporarily unavailable”.


The consequences of fake text messages

It is common for people to send their friends and family fake messages in order to pull a prank on them. These messages can range from asking them if they would like to go see a movie, apologizing for something they did wrong, or telling them that they won the lottery. However, these messages can cause harm when people take them seriously. For example, a fake message could make someone feel bad about themselves, or cause them to be uncomfortable.

The downside of fake messages is that sometimes they can be received by the person that the message was sent to, and this can cause embarrassment or harm.



The conclusion of this article is that there are many legitimate reasons to block a contact, and apps like Fake Texting are not the only way to do it. A phone’s settings offer an easy way to block numbers without downloading any sort of apps.


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