How Did Hashirama Die? All Theories About His Death


Wondering how did Hashirama die? Find out how Hashirama died with all possible theories in this article.

Hashirama was a shinobi who lived in a village hidden in leaves. He was so powerful that he became its leader. He died in an unknown man’s hands. The world needs to learn from the death of Hashirama, or else someone else may not be there to save them.

Hashirama is one of the most celebrated heroes in both his village and in the world. His story starts when he was born. He was born with an extraordinary talent, even at a young age. When he was five, Hashirama went to school where he learned about ninjutsu and began training with it. He quickly became very good at this technique. At that time, there were two other students who also had great potential for becoming ninja; Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha. The three boys trained together until they reached adulthood. They all grew up as friends but their friendship ended after Naruto Uzumaki came into their lives.


How Did Hashirama Die

Hashirama, the First Hokage is often overlooked when talking about the Hokages. He was not only the first but also, one of the most powerful. The story of his death has been speculated for years with no true conclusion as to who killed him. This article will try and shed some light on this mystery by looking at all possible theories that have come up over time.

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Who killed Hashirama?

There are many rumors that surround the death of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. Some say he was murdered by his rival, Uchiha Madara. It is believed that they met on what is now known as the Valley of the End to battle, with some people saying that Madara won and some saying Hashirama did. Another rumor is that he was killed by one of his own students, Orochimaru.

The last theory is that it was a ninja named Kishimoto (who later became Konohagakure’s second-generation Jinchuuriki) who killed him in order to gain power over all shinobi. However, none of these theories have been proven true. Theories about the circumstances surrounding his death vary from person to person.

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One popular belief among fans is that he died because he could not defeat Sasuke Uzumaki, whom he had trained for years before their final confrontation at the Valley of the End. In Naruto: Shippūden, when Kakashi Hatake asks what happened after the Fourth Shinobi World War ended, Itachi replies “I don’t know.” This implies that he may still be alive.



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