How Did Wanda Day Of 4 Non Blondes Die?


4 Non-Blondes was a famous all-female band that consisted of four members; Linda Perry who is the co-founder and former guitarist for 4 Non-Blondes; Jane Wiedlin, her replacement as a guitarist; Linda Hoyle, bass player, and background vocals; and Wanda Day on drums and percussion.

Wanda Day was a singer, composer, and songwriter who had a long career in the music industry before her eventful death. Born on July 13, 1980, Day began her musical journey as a teenager with the release of her first album “I’m Not Crazy” at the age of 17. Her creativity continued to grow as she released her second album “Nope” in 2002. In 2003, she released her third album “Fantasy Girl” on her own label LA Mother Records.


Wanda Day cause of death

Wanda Day was known for her hit song “Don’t Touch Me There” in the 1980s. Her death was caused by a serious illness that led to liver failure. Wanda Day was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, which later progressed into cirrhosis of the liver.

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