Salina : What It is all about?

Salina is a website that focuses on all things going on in the city of Salina, Kansas. The site showcases local news, police logs, and high school sports coverage. In addition to these features, they also have a blog for those who want to keep up with the most recent happenings from this part of Kansas. The Site was created by Chris Smith (Owner) & Matt Kline (Editor).

Salina is a website with many different features to offer its users. Its simple, easy to navigate layout makes it perfect for all ages. From its constantly updated local news to the latest in world news, Salina has got you covered



History of Salina Post

This site has been online since May 2003. It started as an idea between two friends while attending college at Pittsburg State University. They wanted to create something where people could get information about their hometown without having to go through multiple websites or search engines. After graduation, both went back home to Salina and began working together on the project. Since then it has grown into what you see today.


News Section

Salina is an online news site that reports on a variety of happenings in the Salina, KS area. The site features local and national news as well as breaking news alerts. Currently, the news wire has stories about a series of car break-ins with iPhones and other electronics stolen; the story about a woman who was found shot and left for dead and our second article covers how to find your missing pet cat or dog.


Entertainment Section In Salina Post

Salina is a website dedicated to informing visitors about things to do and see in Salina, Kansas. Whether you are looking for a good place to eat, a movie theater that will show your favorite movie, or just want to know the best spots for entertainment, they have you covered.

The Entertainment section of the Salina Post is a great place for local and national entertainment, as well as ongoing coverage on events. Besides the obvious entertainment news, they also cover movies and TV shows that are airing on national or regional networks.

The Salina Post has been providing coverage of local entertainment for many years, and they are proud to say that they were the first website in the country with such a focus.

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Jobs: All jobs in the Salina area are listed

Job seekers are in luck today. Salina has compiled a list of all the jobs currently listed across the Salina area. The jobs span from management positions to customer service representatives, and even construction workers. The types of jobs are varied enough to cater to all different types of people no matter what their preferences. All the available opportunities can be found on Salina Post’s website, with links for those who want to apply now or save for later. Saline County is home to many great companies that offer employment opportunities.


Salina Post Sports

In the town of Salina, Kansas, one can find major news from local teams and athletes. The Salina Post Sports News website has been pulling in close to 10,000 views a month with over 2 million pages viewed in the last 12 months. Salina Post Sports covers high school sports, college sports, and even professional sports in Kansas. With a wide range of available topics on the website, there is something for everyone. In addition to covering all types of sporting events, they also cover other aspects such as interviews, features, and breaking news. They have an active Facebook page where fans are able to interact directly with their favorite team’s players and coaches.




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