Who Is Lauralie Chapados The Instagram Star?

Lauralie Chapados is a fitness model, personal trainer, and motivational speaker from Quebec City, Canada. Chapados has been featured in magazines such as Oxygen and Men’s Fitness and has worked with brands like Nike and Reebok. She is also the author of the book “Get Fit! Your Guide to Health & Wellness.” Chapados is a strong advocate for healthy living and believes that fitness should be accessible to everyone. She hopes to inspire others to make healthy choices and lead a healthy lifestyle.

In 2008, Chapados moved to Los Angeles with $1,000 in her pocket. She had always wanted to be a model and decided that she would move to the United States and pursue it. She made that move and was signed to Wilhelmina Models in 2008. She quickly moved up the ranks and was featured on magazines such as Oxygen and Men’s Fitness, as well as appearing in advertisements for Nike and Reebok. In 2010, Chapados decided to step away from modeling and focus on her fitness business. She opened up the first Fitness Center in Los Angeles called Fit2Win. She wanted to create a space where people could get in shape, feel good about themselves and have fun.



Lauralie Chapados Body

Lauralie Chapados is a fitness model who has an amazing body. What makes her unique is that she doesn’t have the stereotypical “fitness model” body. She has curves and isn’t super thin. This makes her relatable to other women, and it’s inspiring to see her looking so confident and happy with her body. Lauralie is also a great role model because she’s very active on social media, and she shares a lot of tips and advice about fitness, health, and nutrition.

Lauralie Chapados Hair

Lauralie Chapados is a natural brunette with brown eyes and blonde highlights. Her hair is long and wavy, which she lets grow out to her waist. She uses a bit of volume to keep her hair from looking too flat, and she likes to wear it straight. She’s recently started using heat tools to create more texture in her hair, which she says makes her look more natural.

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Lauralie Chapados is known as one of the fittest women in the world. She has to be – she’s a professional athlete. Lauralie’s intense training routine starts with a two-hour cardio workout, followed by weightlifting and then another hour of cardio. She finishes her day with a stretching session. Her workout is one of the few things that Lauralie doesn’t change from week to week. She says she’s not a trainer, so she can’t really tell you what to do.


Lauralie’s diet is very simple. She eats a lot of fruit and vegetables, along with lean protein. Her favorite meal is grilled chicken with vegetables on the side. Laurie also loves to snack on fruit and nuts.

Lauralie Chapados age

Lauralie Chapados is an actress and model who has achieved success in both industries at a very young age. Chapados was born on October 7, 1998, making her current age only 23. She began her career in entertainment at the tender age of six, when she started modeling in her home province of Quebec. Chapados later ventured into acting and made her screen debut in the Canadian family drama series “Heartland” in 2010.


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Shawn Rhoden and Lauralie Chapados

In bodybuilding, there is a clear hierarchy of competitors. At the top, you have professional bodybuilders. Then you have the amateur bodybuilders. And then you have the gym rats.

Shawn Rhoden and Lauralie Chapados are two gym rats who are making a name for themselves in the bodybuilding world.

Rhoden, from Jamaica, has been competing in bodybuilding since he was 18 years old. He recently won the 2018 Arnold Classic, one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions in the world.

Chapados, from Canada, started competing in bodybuilding when she was just 16 years old. She is a three-time Canadian National Champion and has placed in numerous international competitions. Both Rhoden and Chapados got their start in bodybuilding by lifting weights at their local gyms.

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