How Did Wanda Day Of 4 Non Blondes Die?

wanda day death

4 Non-Blondes was a famous all-female band that consisted of four members; Linda Perry who is the co-founder and former guitarist for 4 Non-Blondes; Jane Wiedlin, her replacement as a guitarist; Linda Hoyle, bass player, and background vocals; and Wanda Day on drums and percussion. Wanda Day was a singer, composer, and songwriter who had … Read more

In Colonial America Enslaved Workers Who Received Manumission

in colonial america enslaved workers who received manumission

It’s commonly believed that the enslaved workers who received manumission were rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their masters, but this is not always the case. For example, in colonial America, enslaved workers who received manumission were often given to their masters’ relatives as slaves, typically to provide extra labor on the family’s … Read more

How To Fake Blocked Text Message?

fake blocked text message

The article will teach you how to create a fake blocked text message. If you’re in a relationship and want to make your partner think you’re really busy, this article is perfect for you! There are several ways to do this and this article will cover the two most popular methods.   Create a fake … Read more